How To Find a APC UPS Model Number

Your model number can be found on the barcode sticker which is on the rear of your APC UPS unit

The top code is the Part Number / Model number or SKU

The bottom code is your APC UPS Products unique Serial number

APC UPS Model Number

APC Model Number to Product Family Reference

BK     Back-UPS
BP     Back-UPS Pro PNP & Back UPS Pro S
BF     Back-UPS Office
LR     Line-R
PS     PowerStack
SUVS     Smart-UPS V/S
AP     Smart-UPS (2nd generation)
SU     Smart-UPS & Smart-UPS battery packs
NS     Smart-UPS (HP Netserver OEM)
DL     Smart-UPS (Dell OEM)
RBC     Replacement Battery Packs
DMISDN410     Powershield ISDN
DMISDNXLBP     Powershield ISDN battery pack
MX     Matrix
MXA     Matrix PDU & hardwire kits
SMARTCELL     Matrix Smartcell battery
SMARTCELLXR     Matrix Smartcell XR battery
SY     Symmetra Power Array
SYBATT     Symmetra Power Array battery module
SYMIM     Symmetra Power Array Main Intel Module
SYPM     Symmetra Power Array Power Module
SYRIM     Symmetra Power Array Redundant Intel Module
SYXR     Symmetra Power Array Extended-Run frame
SYXRBC     Symmetra Power Array Basic Cabinet
SYXRS-BATTMGR     Symmetra Power Array XR System Battery Manager Enhancement
SYXRA-BATTMGR     Symmetra Power Array XR Additional Battery Manager Enhancement
PNOTE1     Surge Notebook w/TEL 120VAC
PNOTEPRO     Surge Notebook w/TEL 100-230V C8 cable
P7     Basic 7 outlet
PER3     Personal Surge 3-outlet
PER3C     Personal Surge 3-outlet w/COAX
PER3T     Personal Surge 3-outlet w/TEL
PER7     Personal Surge 7-outlet
PER7T     Personal Surge 7-outlet w/TEL
PRO7     Professional Surge 7-outlet
PRO7T     Professional Surge 7-outlet w/TEL
PRO8     Professional Surge 8-outlet
PRO8T2     Professional Surge 8-outlet w/2 Line TEL
PRO8TV     Professional Surge 8-outlet w/TEL & COAX
NET3     Network Surge 3-outlet
NET3T     Network Surge 3-outlet w/TEL
NET7     Network Surge 7-outlet
NET7T     Network Surge 7-outlet w/TEL
NET7T-C     Network Surge Clear 7-outlet w/TEL
NET8     Network Surge 8-outlet
NET8N     Network Surge 8-outlet w/NET
POW6-WHT     Power Manager 6-outlet
POW6T-WHT     Power Manager 6-outlet w/2 Line TEL
NET9RM     Netowork Surge 9-outlet Rackmount
MO9RM     Multi Outlet 9-outlet (No Protection)
PNET1     ProtectNet 100BT/10BT/TR
P10B2     ProtectNet 10Base2 Thinnet
PTEL2     ProtectNet 2 Line Telephone
PISDN     ProtectNet ISDN
PS9-DCE     ProtectNet 9 Pin RS 232 DCE
PS9-DTE     ProtectNet 9 Pin RS 232 DTE
PS25-DTE     ProtectNet 25 Pin RS232 DTE
PSP25     ProtectNet 25 Pin RS232 SER/PAR
PNET4     ProtectNet 4 OUT Network Protector
PTEL1-4     ProtectNet 4 OUT Network Single Tel.
P232-4     ProtectNet 4 OUT RS232 RJ45
PRM     ProtectNet 4 OUT Rack Shelf
PTR     ProtectNet Token Ring
AP9600     SmartSlot Expansion Chassis
AP9603     SmartSlot SNMP Adapter Token Ring
AP9604     SmartSlot Triple Chassis
AP9605     SmartSlot SNMP Adapter 10 Base-T
AP9607     SmartSlot Interface Expander
AP9610     SmartSlot Relay I/O Module
AP9612TH     SmartSlot Measure UPS II T/H
AP9052     PowerNet SNMP Agent for OS/2
AP9054     PowerNet Agent for Unix
AP9207     Share-UPS
AP9208     Call-UPS II
AP9210     MasterSwitch
AP9210I     MasterSwitch 230V version
AP9215     PowerView
AP9400     PowerNet SNMP Manager for Novell NMS
AP9401     PowerNet SNMP Enterprise Manager for Unix, NT
AP9402     PowerNet SNMP Manager for HP Openview for Windows
AP9405     Power Supply 100-120VAC/24VDC
AP9513     Measure UPS Switch Kit
AP9830     Remote Power Off Device
AP013     Wall Mount Kit
AP019     Hot Swap Box
940-0004     UPS Cable Banyan Vines 286
940-0006     Interface Cable for AS/400 B10 & B20
940-0012     PS2 Interface Cable for Novell
940-0018     Y Adapter for Novell
940-0020     Interface Cable for LAN Man/Lantastic
940-0024     APC UPS Link Cable
AP9815     UPS Interface Extension Cable
AP9820     Interface LAN MAN/Lantastic 10'
AP9823     Unix Basic Signalling Cable
AP9825     UPS Ext. Cable -ISOL 15M/50FT
AP9001     PowerChute for Macintosh
AP9002     PowerChute for OS/2
AP9003     PowerChute plus for Novell
AP9004     PowerChute plus for Unix/Xenix
AP9005     PowerChute plus for HP-UX
AP9006     PowerChute for VAX/VMS
AP9007     PowerChute for Windows
AP9008     PowerChute plus for SGI Irix
AP9009     PowerChute plus for WindowsNT
AP9013     Oracle Shutdown on NT CD-ROM
AP9090     Software License Kit